Research and results

A retrospective study of 2,818 patients in the United States and Worldwide demonstrated that Network Spinal Care is associated with statistically significant, profound and consistent improvement in self-reported health and wellness issues.

Improved Physical Well-Being

improved flexibility of the spine

more energy, less fatigue

fewer colds or flu

fewer headaches

reduced pain

Increased emotional and psychological wellbeing

positive feelings about self

decreased moodiness, temper, and angry outbursts

less depression, more interest in life

fewer concerns about small things

improved ability to think and concentrate

less anxiety and concern over vague fears

improved ability to stay on task

less distress about physical pain

Stress less

emotional well-being


general well-being

coping with daily problems


significant relationship


Self-motivated lifestyle changes

regular exercise - Tai Chi / Yoga

meditation / prayer

relaxation / self-hypnosis

health foods / vitamins

vegetarian / partial vegetarian

less use of prescription medications

More life enjoyment

openness to guidance by inner feelings

experience of relaxation and well-being

positive feelings about self

interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle

feeling open when listening to others

confidence in dealing with adversity

compassion for others

Improved overall quality of life

personal life


extent one adapts to change

handling of problems in life

actual life accomplishments

life as a whole

overall contentment with life

significant other


life being what one wants it to be

romantic life

actual work done

physical appearance

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