In response to COVID-19, all public entrainment sessions temporarily suspended.

In alignment with the collective effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19, temporarily suspends all public entrainment sessions.

Please read the following update on our position relative to the current situation and COVID-19.

In life, when faced with challenge and uncertainty, it is tempting to react and to be pulled in the direction of fear and survival, judgement, and even anger. Without a strong connection to the experience of peace anchoring us to the light in our body and in our life, we may be easily influenced by any of the many forces acting upon us. This is especially true right now, as communities and individuals struggle to respond appropriately, based on their respective levels of consciousness.


As chiropractors, we are committed to serving our community and practice members at the highest level. Amidst rampant disconnection and mass confusion, we choose to respond from a place of connection, power and integrity. Our power is derived from connection to the wisdom which governs life in the body and we are grounded in the knowledge that life and health come from within.

The decision to temporarily close our practice was not made lightly and required considerable patience to persevere and wait for a position of clarity that is in alignment with our principles and who we are as practitioners.

Initially, as we approached the situation, we experienced fear that:

  • it would impact your access to the important and valuable service we offer;
  • it could impact your ability to stay connected to your internal resources;
  • we may contribute to an undesirable outcome for a member of our community; and
  • selfishly, it would impact our financial position and material security.


More recently, it is clear that:

  • in times of crisis, there is no substitute for health and vitality;
  • peace and vitality are emerging as essential resources to maintaining a healthy and adaptable internal environment that can meet the increasing demands of this time; and
  • inner resources are developed over time and cultivated through a greater experience and expression of our authentic self.

At this time, it is vitally important to  recognize that we are all connected, and this is ultimately what brought us to the decision to temporarily close our office. As are many, we too are concerned that the current efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19 may not be the entire solution, especially in the longer term. What is clear is the need to place our focus on what generates the most powerful outcome now and respond appropriately as the situation evolves. Resisting the collective action as an expression our beliefs and knowledge about the origins of health is not the current priority. What is paramount at this time, and what you have learned to create in your body during entrainment, is maintaining the physiology of peace and trust.

We both feel confident that the work we have done with you will empower you to focus your resources and apply the strategies you have gained through the entrainment process to maximize your potential for health and healing. The time to learn CPR is not in the moment a person is experiencing a heart attack. At the time of crisis, you already know what to do, or you do not. The time for more learning and building will come again soon and that conversation will resume shortly.

Please know that you have the option to choose powerfully within yourself and to respond to the situation we face today with connection and feeling. You can experience the intensity of what is happening in your body and stay connected to the energy and emotion in the world today. What you bring to the equation is where you gain the power to face the challenge of the present circumstances. Use your focus and your power to create space and possibility for those who may not have access to the same resources as you. For those of you who practice SRI, now is the time to draw upon those skills to work with what is happening inside to create peace and more connection to yourself.

If you have any specific concerns regarding your care or how to access more of what is available to you, please feel free to contact us at any time. We are still here to support you, as we discover how to best navigate, moving forward together to create a brighter future for everyone.

We understand that the present circumstances are impacting everyone to a different extent and we are grateful for your flexibility and understanding.

Stay tuned; further bulletins as events warrant.

Dr. Allison & Dr. Rob

There is nothing I can do about what is wrong with you.
I can however, address what is right in you.
You cannot fight darkness, you must turn on the light.
You cannot fight disease, you must turn on LIFE.